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DOWNTOWN: 865.525.1167

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CHOTO: 865.288.4630

Welcome to Fall!

Though the weather may seem nicer and the leaves may be turning, there are still many things you have to look out for to keep your pet safe. Fleas At Central Vet, we recommend flea treatment and prevention all year round, but it is commonly believed that flea...

Spaying and Neutering Your Pet: A vet’s perspective

The first question you are most often asked about your pet is, “Is it a boy or a girl?” Second, it’s “Are they fixed?” Why is everyone always so interested in your pet’s business? The decision to spay and neuter your pet can be the...

Core Vaccines– A quick guide

When it comes to caring for our pets, the task can be daunting. What kind of healthcare do they need? When should I take them to the vet? What kind of vaccines should they have, and when? Core vaccines– Canines At our office, we require vaccinations. They are...