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Wellness Plans

Wellness Plans are designed to keep your pet healthy and happy for as long as possible. The services your pet needs every year to achieve this goal are packed together and discounted to make giving your baby the best care as easy as possible for you.

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends examinations at least every 6 months on healthy pets, so our plans include two Well Visits each year. Because we know things happen that you aren’t planning for, we include two Sick Visits in every 12-month package. The Plans also include all of the Core Vaccinations for both dogs and cats as well as the recommended annual bloodwork and intestinal parasite checks for monitoring your pet’s health. And as an added bonus, we also include minor grooming services. Up to twelve each of nail trims, ear cleanings, and anal gland expressions are included each year.

Because our Wellness Plan Members are our VIP clients, we offer additional discounts on other services and products that are added to the Plan as well as discounts for services used that fall outside the scope of the Plan. Services such as Dental Cleanings can be added to the plan at a 20% discount off the non-member price. Parasite prevention products can be added to the plan at a 10% discount off the best price offered to non-members. In addition, Members will also receive a 10% discount on services not covered by the plan. This means that if your dog has an ear infection, the Sick Visit and Ear Cleaning will be covered by your plan and you will then get 10% off the ear cytology needed to diagnose the type and severity of the infection. If your dog has terrible breath or trouble eating, his Dental Cleaning can be added to your plan at 20% off and you will also get 10% off any dental x-rays and extractions that may be needed to get him back in good shape.

Our Wellness Plans provide over $900 worth of services every year for each pet enrolled, but as a Wellness Plan Member you will get a significant discount on these services. You can save up to $640 per pet each year! By using the discounts on additional services, the savings can go even higher. Most Members elect to use our monthly payment option, where each plan is $24.95 per month. If you add any additional products or services, the price of those items will be discounted and split up across the 12 monthly payments. You can also choose to pay the entire plan in full at any time, which helps you to avoid the possibility of monthly processing fees.

When you first sign up, there is an enrollment fee of $59.95. This is a one-time fee unless you cancel and then re-enroll your pet at a later date. There is also a $20 discount on the enrollment fee for every pet after the first. The first month’s payment is also due at the time of enrollment. After that, payments are automatically charged to a credit or debit card on the 20th of each month.