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The holidays are a wonderful time of the year, but celebrations can be hard on your pets. Traveling is often stressful for animals, and leaving them home alone isn’t always the best option. In these situations, you may consider boarding your pet, or leaving them overnight at a facility where they will be cared for by employees. There are some things to consider.

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If you elect to board your dog at our facility while you travel, there are some vaccines that we require. First, you are lawfully required to vaccinate your pet, cat or dog, against the rabies virus from the age of three months through the rest of their lives. Therefore, our hospital requires that your pet be vaccinated against rabies. This is for the safety of your pet, the other pets staying at the facility, and our employees. DHPP, or the Distemper/Parvovirus vaccination, is also required. Both distemper and parvovirus are highly contagious illnesses that can easily be spread through a boarding facility by unvaccinated dogs. Bordatella is also required, as it helps to protect against kennel cough, which is extremely contagious though not life threatening.


Aside from the rabies vaccination, all cats boarding at our facility are required to have the FVRCP vaccination, otherwise known as the feline distemper vaccination.

For information regarding core vaccinations required by our hospital and other AAHA accredited hospitals, click here.


During a pet’s stay, they are required to be on a flea and tick preventative, and must be free from internal parasites. If a pet is found to have internal parasites or external parasites, such as fleas or ticks, they will be treated for them accordingly. This is for the protection of the other pets staying at the facility.

For information regarding the flea and tick and heartworm prevention available at our hospital, click here.

What to Bring

When leaving your pet at a boarding facility, it is common to worry about your pet’s emotional well-being. When boarding at our facility, feel free to bring whatever will make your pet more comfortable, within reason.


While we do carry pet foods at our facility specifically to feed our boarders, you may elect to bring your pet’s preferred diet. Some pets are on prescription diets that they need to eat for health reasons. Other pets simply like the familiarity of their own food. Either way, feel free to bring your pet’s own food while they are boarding, but keep in mind that we do have pet food supplied for your pet.


While we do carry food that we can use to feed your pet, you may consider bringing some of their favorite treats. Giving them treats during their stay can turn an uncomfortable experience into an enjoyable one for them.


If your pet has a favorite toy or a few favorite toys, you may want to bring them with for their stay. Having their toys with them will not only provide them with some entertainment, but will also give them something familiar and comforting.


At our facility, we provide bedding for each pet. You may consider bringing your pet’s bed or some towels or blankets that smell like home or you. Pet’s often become destructive while boarding, and may resort to tearing or chewing the bedding that you bring from home. If bedding is soiled during their stay, we will wash it as long as it fits in our washers and driers. Larger dog beds will be sent home in a plastic bag if soiled during your pet’s stay, as they do not often fit into our machines.


Please remember to bring any medications that your pet will need during their stay. This applies especially to boarding facilities that are not affiliated with a veterinary hospital, as they will not be able to fill any medications you may need.

Our Pricing

Dog $22
Cat $18
Day Boarding $18
Christmas Boarding
December 18th-January 2nd
Dog $25
Cat $18
We Now Offer Grooming Services!

Grooming Services are only offered that the Choto Location.