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This holiday season, we would like to take a moment to express our thankfulness for one another. At Central Veterinary Hospital, we pride ourselves on helping animals live healthier lives. One of the most important reasons we are able to do this is through team work. Our team is tightly knit and caring, and through wonderful cooperation we are able to take great care of your pets.


“I’m thankful for the memories and experiences I’ve had since beginning my tenure here. And, of course, for the people I’ve met and cared for along the way.



“I’m thankful for my job, coworkers that are like family to me, the amazing support and love I received when I lost my sister and very thankful for Erika and all she does for us!”

Heather V.


“I’m ever grateful for the privilege of serving such wonderful and loving pet parents and their furry children. I’m grateful for my work family, their compassion for animals, acceptance of me and my quirky sense of humor, and hardworking effort.”



“I’m thankful to have been welcomed into such a wonderful and supportive work family. I get to spend every day doing what I love with people that I greatly enjoy.”



“I am thankful for my job and the new and very welcoming coworkers that I have.”



“I am thankful for my CVH family. We are so blessed to have the most amazing staff, patients, and clients! I couldn’t imagine being this happy anywhere else.”



“I am thankful for the amazing people that I work with at Central Veterinary Hospital. Many different personalities makes for great experiences.”



We Now Offer Grooming Services!

Grooming Services are only offered that the Choto Location.